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Moorlands Primary School Curriculum

Questioning lies at the heart of the Science curriculum. Each lesson begins with a key question for pupils who develop their scientific knowledge through the five working scientifically types:

  • Observation over time.
  • Pattern seeking.
  • Identifying, classifying and grouping.
  • Comparative and fair testing.
  • Research using secondary sources.

Understanding of key scientific vocabulary, communication and the principles of Philosophy for Children are taught alongside the subject-specific skills.

Pupils are taught to think like a Scientist as they develop their knowledge of the topics covered.

Curriculum Overview

Year 1:


Animals including humans

Everyday materials

Seasonal changes

Year 2:

Living Things and their habitats


Animals including humans

Uses of everyday materials

Year 3:


Animals including humans



Forces and magnets

Year 4:

Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

States of matter



Year 5:

Living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

Properties and changes of materials

Earth and space


Year 6:

Living things and their habitats

Animals including human

Evolution and inheritance



For more information on specific learning objectives for science

Calling all scientists! We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Science Fair event in school on Wednesday 16th March where you will be able to share your knowledge and enthusiasm of Science. You will be able to find further details by opening the attached document

This year, we took part in The Great Science Share For Schools event. The main theme was Climate Change and ended with a special day of activities including the 'Your Planet, Your Questions' discussion where pupils from all around the UK were invited to pose their own scientific questions to put to a panel of climate experts. We were so proud that one of our pupils' questions, out of many thousands submitted, was chosen for this event by the organisers at Manchester University.

A link to The Great Science Share for Schools is below (see a question from a Moorlands Pupil 10 minutes into the clip).

Science Fun At Home

Why not carry out some science investigations at home? A collaboration with Science Sparks and the Primary Science Teaching Trust, Science Fun at Home provides simple and engaging practical science activities. The activities are open ended and adaptable for any age.

Each two-page sheet has activities that are:

  • clear and simple, using household resources
  • accessible and manageable for all
  • fun for children and their families to do
  • linked to follow up activities

Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester as part of their Earth and Space studies in Science. We had an amazing day visiting the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, exploring the exhibits and taking part in a physical programming workshop to program a Mars Rover to carry out tasks.

Science Trip to the Space Centre

The Great Science Share 2021

Science work and experiments

Recyclabots Visit Year 4 and Year 5 (materials and their properties learning link) - 10/12/19

British Science Week

During British Science Week 2021 we had lots of opportunities to explore, plan, test and present all things scientific! Each class worked extremely hard to prepare presentations for our very first Science Fair at Moorlands as classrooms were transformed into science exhibition spaces.

There was a real ‘buzz’ around the school building on Friday as pupils presented their learning and scientific knowledge to pupils and parents visiting their Science Fair exhibitions