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Parent Expectations

In School we work with your children daily to ensure that they have an awareness of and an understanding of the values of co-operation, respect, peace and responsibility. This is to develop them socially and to help them prepare for the next step of their journey as they leave us. We  expect parents and carers, as their adult role models, to support us in instilling these values with your children.

It is a part of growing up that children will have disagreements and say unkind words to each other, these issues are discussed and dealt with in School at the time of the disagreement, or as close thereafter, by us talking about the issues with the child or children and through our jigsaw sessions. We hope that by providing your children with various coping mechanisms to deal with conflict calmly and safely that it will avoid disagreements escalating and enable the children to deal with disagreements in a respectful manner. It does not serve, and will not serve, our children to see their adult role models dealing with their conflicts by resorting to physical altercations. We need you to support us in ensuring that your children manage conflict using the mechanisms we are teaching them as opposed to using physical force as this will only serve to expose them to unnecessary risk of injury and possible arrest.

If there are issues involving other parents, or related to the School, we will always work with you to support you and, where required, engage with additional external agencies to ensure that all the required support is available and accessible to you.

I also wish to take this opportunity to reiterate that in line with Sandwell Council’s expectations while parents, carers or visitors are on the School site we expect that staff are treated with respect and any verbal or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in parents and carers being banned from the school site.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that together we can develop your children and support them on their journey to becoming respectful, responsible and effective citizens in our shared community.