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Music Share June 2022

In June members of the choir will be singing with other local primary schools at Lichfield Cathedral. This is an amazing opportunity to perform in such an awe inspiring building in front of an audience of family, friends and the local community. 

At Moorlands Primary School pupils have the opportunity to be taught by music specialists where pupils have the chance as a class to learn an instrument.

Overview 2021-2022

Year 1 and Year 2 use the music software Charanga to support their musical development:

  Autumn A Autumn B Spring A Spring B Summer A Summer B

Year 1

Hey You!


Rhythm In The Way We Walk and Banana Rap


In The Groove


Round and Round


Your Imagination


Reflect, Rewind and Replay


Year 2

Hands, Feet, Heart


Ho Ho Ho


I Wanna Play In A Band


Friendship Song

Reflect, Rewind, and Replay



Year 3 are taught by Sandwell Music Services and learn music through playing the tenor horn.

Year 4 are taught by Sandwell Music Services and learn music through playing the trumpets.

Year 5

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term


Livin’ on a Prayer

Classroom Jazz 1 


Make you feel my love

The Fresh Prince of Belair


Dancing in the Street

Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Year 6 develop their musical skills through learning using the keyboard.

Musical opportunities:

Moorlands regularly performs songs for audiences; this takes place for Harvest, Christmas and at the end of the summer term in a KS2 performance.

Pupils have taken part in 'Rock Steady'.  This is where pupils form small rock bands and are taught vocals alongside musical skills.  Pupils from Reception to Year 6 have participated in this additional music provision.

Pupils in Key Stage 2 have had the opportunity to sing at the Resort World Arena as part of the 'Young Voices' concert bringing schools together. 

For more information see:

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