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Moorlands Primary School Curriculum

Questioning lies at the heart of the History curriculum. Each lesson begins with a key question for pupils to consider, pupils use photographic evidence, texts, maps including digital maps and research to formulate their reasoning. Communication and the principles of Philosophy for Children are taught alongside the subject-specific skills.

Pupils are taught to think like a historian as they develop their knowledge of the topics covered.

Curriculum Overview:

Year 1:

Our lives - family history and toys

Explorers - significant people and events beyond living memory

Year 2:

The Seaside

Our lives - local heroes

Great Fire of London

Year 3:

The Rise of man - the Stone Age and the Bronze Age

Local study - The Black Country

Year 4:

Ancient Egyptians

Roman rule

Crime and punishment

Year 5:

Scandimania - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

The Greeks

Year 6:

World War Two

The Mayans