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Moorlands Primary School Curriculum

Questioning lies at the heart of the Geography curriculum. Each lesson begins with a key question for pupils to consider, pupils use photographic evidence, texts, maps including digital maps and research to formulate their reasoning. Communication and the principles of Philosophy for Children are taught alongside the subject-specific skills.

Pupils are taught to think like a geographer as they develop their knowledge of the topics covered.

We will Explore project

The school is working with Ormiston Academy to develop orienteering and mapping skills. Year 4 are working on the #we will explore project and will be working with pupils in Year 8 at Ormiston, this is a social action project where pupils will design 10 geocaches using the orienteering site that had been developed around the school.

This orienteering site will be used by all classes to develop pupils mapping skills using the Enrich Education site and links to the Geography curriculum.

Climate Change by Year 5

Curriculum Overview

Year 1:

What is the United Kingdom?

Our local area: What is it like where we live?

Where do our favourite animals live? Hot and cold areas

Year 2:

Where are the the world's oceans and continents?

What are the seasons?

What are the wonders of the world?

Year 3:

Do we like to be beside the seaside?


Why is the climate important?

Year 4:

How many countries are there in the world?

Where would you like to live in Eastern Europe?

How does the water go round and round?

Year 5:

What are the Americas?

Trade: Where do everyday products come from? 

What happened when Mount St. Helens erupted?


Year 6:

Are we damaging our world?

Where is the coldest place on earth?

Europe - a study of an Alpine region. Where should we go on holiday?