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Read Write Inc

At Moorlands Primary School children will secure automatic decoding skills and progress from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ for purpose and pleasure. The ultimate goal of learning to read is to develop comprehension and nurture a life long love of reading.

From Autumn 2021 the school has started to use 'Read Write Inc'  as the phonic programme which provides a systematic and rigorous approach to the teaching of early reading.

To support with the development of early reading, children have the opportunity to take home two books: a book that they can read independently and a book that they can share with an adult and read together.

Book 1: A book for me to read

Children will bring home two books, one that they have read in school and one that contains the same phonic knowledge, the Read Write Inc books are fully decodable which means they match your child's phonic knowledge. Therefore your child should be able to read this book to you as they have been taught the sounds in school. . These books are labelled with this sticker:

Moorlands Primary School

A book for me to read to you

Book 2: A book for us to share and read together

These books are for you to read and share together. These books are not fully decodable so your child will find some of the words in the book challenging. The idea of this book is you read it together and talk about the book. If it is a story: you can talk about the characters, the settings and what happened in the story. If it is an information book you can talk about the new facts that they have learnt.

Moorlands Primary School

A book for us to read and share together

Key Stage 2 Reading Owls sessions

Moorlands Reading Owls daily session is based on pupils gaining WISDOM to comprehend: Owls are used to represent each reading domain.

W – (Words)finding and explaining the meaning of words in context.

I – (Inference) using clues to understand a story.

S – (Summarising) summarising the main ideas from a text.

D – (Differences and similarities) – making comparisons within a text.

O –  (Oracy and prediction) – predicting what might happen based on what has already happened.

M –  (Meaning)  – identifying how words and information in a text adds to the overall meaning as a whole. 

World Book Day 2022

Year 6 English



Handwriting - Kinetic Letters

From December 2019, Moorlands will be launching Kinetic Letters which supports the physical strengthening of the body as well as pencil grip and speed and stamina of writing.

Kinetic Letters Animal Positions - building strength



Key Stage 2 Library