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School Expectations

Friday 3rd May 2024

An incident occurred outside the school gates on Friday 3rd May at approximately 3.15 pm.

Given the proximity to the school gates, this has been reported to our Police Community Support Officer and the Police. In line with Sandwell Council’s expectation, the school and governors have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to acts of verbal or physical aggression towards, parents, visitors or staff. Any parents that fall short of this expectation will receive an immediate ban and withdrawal of permission to enter the school premises.

If there are issues involving other parents, or related to the school, we will always work with you to support you and, where required, engage with additional external agencies to ensure that all the required support is available and accessible to you.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that together we can develop your children and support them on their journey to becoming respectful, responsible and effective citizens in our shared community.

Mrs K. Roberts                      Mrs E.Benbow

Head Teacher                       Chair of Governors