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Year 5

Curriculum Coverage

Language + Questioning = Communication


These three words sit at the heart of our curriculum.

Children need to have:

  • a good grasp of language
  • be able to question and reason

We achieve this by using the principles of Philosophy for Children to become: critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers; this will allow our children to become good communicators which is an essential life skill.

Head Boy, Head Girl and Pupil Leadership Application

Year 5 Reading Stimulus

Autumn Term 2020


​​​​​This term we have been reading ‘Wolves in the Walls' by Neil Gaiman. When Lucy hears noises from behind the wall she tries to warn her parents that there are wolves banging about. But her parents don't listen. When the wolves finally take over the house and Lucy and her family are evicted to live in the garden, her parents realise perhaps they should have listened. But Lucy is no shrinking violet and pretty soon she has the wolves out and the family back in the house. So what was that noise Lucy heard coming from behind the wall?.  

The text has inspired us to develop atmosphere, mood and tension in our own writing. 






Spring Term 2020

Welcome back to a new year in Year 5! This term, we will be reading The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. Through this text we will be refining our setting descriptions to describe them precisely as well as further developing characterisation skills through character actions and dialogue.

‘The Nowhere Emporium is open for business. Bring your imagination’.

Be prepared to learn about The Book of Wonders and the magical world of the Nowhere Emporium.

Autumn Term 2019

​​​​​​This term we have been reading ‘Eren’ by Simon P. Clark. At the beginning of the story the main character, Oli, is whisked away from his home in London and taken to stay with his uncle in the countryside. Secrets are being kept and mysterious things are discovered.  

The text has inspired us to develop atmosphere, mood and tension in our own writing. We have also been reading a selection of short stories written by the same author. Simon P. Clark’s web page, ‘Eren Tales’, set us a short story writing project – to write the Twelfth Tale. Taking on the challenge, we have created our own Eren Tales and made them into books for our classroom reading area so that we can enjoy reading each other’s creative writing.



Following on from our work with the text Eren, Year 5 have been reading narrative poetry and in particular, ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe. At first, we spent time reading and understanding the narrative of the poem. Then we made comparisons between the narrative, atmosphere, mood and tension in this poem and in our narrative text, Eren. Our final writing outcome was to use ‘The Raven’ as a model for writing our own narrative poem based on the story of Eren.



Safeguarding Day

Year 5 and Year 6 spent an enjoyable and extremely informative day taking part in a series of Safeguarding workshops delivered by the police, Rewind and DECCA. They covered subjects including anti-social behaviour, online safety, developing our own identity and the effects on health and laws associated with smoking.



Cycle Training – Bikeability.

Pupils in Year 5 were given the opportunity to take part in a two day cycle training course run by Bikeability. All pupils completed Level 1 which developed skills in cycle handling in an off-road environment and prepared the children for cycling on the road. This was followed by the Level 2 training which developed the children’s skills and confidence for cycling on single-lane roads and simple junctions. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and have made some valuable progress towards the National Standard for cycle training. Congratulations Year 5!


CPR Training

The Albion Foundation have been working closely with us in school, to developing potentially life-saving skills. We were very fortunate to be given CPR training using resuscitation models to help us to practise both the heart compression and breathing techniques. (See our school gallery for photographs).


Design and Technology – Frame Structures

The focus for our Design and Technology work this term has been frame structures. Year 5 pupils researched different types of frame structures, their purpose and intended users; they investigated techniques for joining component parts of frame structures and ways to strengthen and reinforce them.


Computing: Coding

Our computing studies, this term, have focused on E-safety and Coding. As part of our coding unit, we developed designs for short stories which we have now created using 2code on Purple Mash.

Year 5 Reading Stimulus


Autumn Term 2019

This term we are using ‘Eren’ by Simon P Clark as the stimulus for our English. 

The plot is about:People are keeping secrets from Oli - about where his father is, and why he hasn't come to join them at his uncle's house in the country.
But Oli has secrets too.
He knows what lives in the attic. Eren - part monster, part dream, part myth. Eren who always seems so interested, who always wants to hear more about Oli's life. Eren, who needs to hear stories to live, and will take them from Oli, no matter the cost.