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Roald Dahl day


Year 3 hosted a Roald Dahl day in October . We have been reading ‘The BFG’ in Year 3 since September and it has been a wonderful learning adventure for the class so when we hosted a Roald Dahl day, we knew it would be a good adventure.


All the children dressed up as characters from different Roald Dahl books. There were Umpa-Lumpas, Willy Wonkas, Matildas, Sophies, and Charlie Buckets to name a few. They all looked truly fantastic!


 When they arrived in school we discussed who they were and which books their characters had appeared in. Then we watched an exciting clip about an exploding a volcano linking with our Geography work about active earth.  Just like the fizzy-lifting drink in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we built our own exploding volcano.


To do this we needed to take a water bottle and create a volcano around it using papier mache. Our volcanoes were built by lunch time.


 After lunch, we followed a set of instructions to mix the explosive liquid together . We took our volcanoes outside and added bi-carbonate soda to them in order to see them erupt. The children loved finding out about how much lava would appear once the bi-carbonate soda had been added.


After all this excitement, we had a small buffet like the gigantic meal that Fantastic Mr Fox had in his den. The children had a wonderfully imaginative and enjoyable day.


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Year 3 Victorian Day- Tuesday 18th July 2017

We had such an interesting Victorian day! The day started with a carousel of activities where the children compared rich and poor Victorians and how education has changed over the years. They couldn’t believe children stayed at school until 5pm!

We then looked at all the Victorian toys which the children had made for their homework projects and we went outside to enjoy a game of marbles in teams. It proved harder than we thought!

After break, we reminded ourselves of our book focus ‘Oliver Twist’ and listened to ‘Food Glorious Food,’ whilst Mrs Homer cooked us up a treat…we tasted scrumptious GRUEL! The children’s faces were a picture and they all voted against swapping it for pizza! The salt, pepper and onions certainly topped it off well!

During the afternoon we were visited by a special Victorian teacher. She made such an impact as she entered the room and instantly shocked the children at how strict she was! They read her a Victorian poem and then impressed her with their times tables. They even had to write 20 lines of ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Children should be seen and not heard!’ I’m pretty sure they felt lucky with their teachers at Moorlands by the end of it! All in all, it was an awesome day enjoyed by everyone!


Photographs from Victorian Day!