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Year 2

Year 2 Visit from the Fire Service

Year 2 Fire Service Visit


On Thursday 19th October Year 2 had a visit from the firemen and lady. They came in to talk to us about Fire Safety, Road Safety and Firework Safety.

Natalie, the fire lady told us what to do if there was a fire in our house and that is to wake up our family, get out of the house, dial 999 and ask for the fire service. She also told us how important it is to have and to check our fire alarms at home.

We learnt that the Fire Service do not use fire hooks anymore, like people did in 1666 to pull down the houses, but they have something very similar called a ceiling hook, which they use to push through burning ceilings.

She also told us about crossing the road safely; away from parked cars and that we must look left, then right, then left again. Natalie reminded us that it is important that we don’t play with our football near the road.

Finally, they told us all about staying safe around fireworks and that we must never touch or return to a lit firework and that we must always have gloves on when we are using sparklers.

The fire men and lady said that they were very impressed with all of the questions asked by Year 2 and we certainly enjoyed their visit.

Year 2 Seaside Day- Wednesday 5th July 2017


Year 2 had a fantastic Seaside Day. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a lovely time. In the morning, the children had a chance to paddle their feet in the paddling pool and to play with the beach ball or play in the sand with their buckets and spades.They were also able to build mini rafts to test in the water tray, play seaside games or carry out a floating and sinking activity. Mrs Griffiths did an Art activity inside the classroom. The children were able to take part in every activity and had lots of fun, especially in the paddling pool.

At dinner time, they all went into the hall, where the cooks had prepared a special seaside dinner of fish and chips, with ice cream for pudding, if they wanted it. The children tucked into their meal and thought it was delicious.

In the afternoon, they had a visit from Professor Popple. He did lots of magic tricks and made pennies appear from inside their ears! Then the children had a go at plate spinning, a bucket race and a dance competition. He made lots of objects out of balloons for some of them to take home. Their favourite part of the afternoon was the Punch and Judy show. It was so funny, especially when Mr Punch kept trying to sneakily eat the sausages. They were very lucky to have ice lollies, popcorn and lollipops to eat during the show. It was a very busy, but enjoyable day!

Year 2 Seaside Day