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Staffing Structure


Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher - Mrs K. Roberts

Deputy Head Teacher / SENDCo – Miss L. Smith                          

KS1 and EYFS phase leader : Mrs H. Williams

KS2 phase leader: Mrs J.Capella


English Co-ordinator : Mr D. Singh, Miss A. Stevens       

Maths Co-ordinator : Miss L. Smith    

Science Co-ordinator : Mrs J. Capella            

Arts Co-ordinator : Mrs J. Capella

Phonics Co-ordinator : Mr D. Singh

Computing Co-ordinator : Miss L.Smith

PE Co-ordinator : Mrs H. Williams

RE Co-ordinator : Miss S. McMullan

History and Geography Co-ordinator: Miss A. Stevens



Reception - Mr D.Singh

Year 1 – Miss A. Butler 

Year 2 -  Mrs H. Williams 

Year 3 – Miss A.Stevens

Year 4 - Mrs S. Robinson-Choongh 

Year 5 - Mrs J.Capella 

Year 6 - Miss L. Roper


Support Staff

Mrs J.Pedley  (HLTA)   

Mrs K.Lunn  (HLTA) 

Mrs S.Griffiths 

Mrs D.Henry 

Miss K.Hickman

Mrs D.Smith 

Mrs L.Wells  

Mrs S.Wilding 

Mr H.Dhanda 

Mrs J.Elsmore 

Mrs M.Whitehouse

Mrs R. Price


Little Learners Team

Mrs L Kaur

Mrs K. Wiggetts-Clinton

Miss C. Wherton 


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs T. Greenway

Mrs E. Baker

Mrs H.Thorpe

Mrs S. Wellings

Miss J.Churchill

Mrs J. Price

Mrs K. Kaur


Office Staff

Mrs K. Cramp and  Mrs J. Griffiths


Premises Staff

Mr M.Bingham 

Miss J.Churchill (Cleaner)

Mrs H.Thorpe (Cleaner)


Please Contact school office on 01215560352