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DECCA - Drugs, Education Counselling and Confidential Advice

Their Twitter account is @SandwellDECCA

DECCA want to continue giving young people access to drug education, help and advice, as well as encouraging thought provoking conversations on subjects like Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis, Safety and much more between them and their families. DECCA hope the activities will get families talking about the different and sometimes difficult topics and allow time for them to learn new information. They hope to put a range of activities on throughout the coming weeks, some activities will appeal more to different ages group.


Each week they will have 3 key days where they will be making posts, the format will stay the same each week, which will be as follows:


Mondays will be Knowledge Day - Worksheets about different drugs will be posted on their twitter account, these could be word searches, quizzes, crosswords and more. There will often be 2 levels of difficulty for each worksheet and will often have a discussion element that the young people can do with their parents and carers.

The following Monday the answer sheet will be made available, so the young people can check their answers and see how they did.


Wednesday will be Wellbeing Day - Activities, tasks and exercises will be suggested on their twitter account to help with our wellbeing during this time of uncertainty. They have already seen some amazing posts which they will highlight during this day as well.


Friday will be Experiment Day - they  will be putting on different experiments that you can try at home, to help young people to understand how different parts of our body can get affected by different drugs. Topics will include how the calcium in our bones can be affected by alcohol use.  

Operation Encompass - Domestic Violence Support and Information

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