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School Values

At Moorlands Primary School, we believe that 'Anything is Possible!'

We aim to educate your child so that they have the skills to become life long learners as the world evolves. A happy, nurturing and caring school, which caters for everyone. Pupils that grow into confident and tolerant individuals, who embrace their unique qualities. Our staff will provide the challenge and an inspiring curriculum in order to ignite their passion for learning. Our parents will support the school and its core values through their encouragement and partnership in all aspects of school life. We have high standards in literacy and numeracy as well as a passion for the arts and music.


The ethos of the school centres around 6 core values that the pupils and staff decided upon. 

There are:


  • Equality
  • Peace
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
  • Responsibility
  • Co-operation


In our weekly praise assemblies, that parents are invited to, one child from each class is chosen for the Values Award. Additional children may be chosen by any member of staff in the school if they have been recognised for an action / conduct around the school that needs commending.


This term's value that the school will be focusing on in assemblies, in class and through our curriculum is CO-OPERATION.

We will be looking about how we are co-operate and help each other as a team.

Assemblies this term are done virtually so that they can be shown in all classes. Fridays is our Praise Assembly, parents are texted if their child has been awarded a certificate.



The vast majority of parents work with us positively to ensure that there is a good partnership between staff and parents. We know that this is successful in supporting the well-being and academic achievement of pupils.

However the Governing Body of Moorlands Primary School is reminding all parents that we have zero tolerance towards aggressive, violent and abusive behaviour towards staff in our school and other parents. Posters to this effect are displayed in school. We will take action against any parent or member of the public who disregards this code of conduct on while school premises.

Pupil Leadership Team

Pupils in Year 5 are invited in the summer term to apply for various responsible positions which they will undertake during their final year in Year 6.


These positions are:

Head Girl

Head Boy

Head of Julie Donaldson House

Head of David Walliams House

Head of Roald Dahl House

Head of J.K.Rowling House.


Pupils submit an personal statement explaining what skills they have for these positions. The chosen pupils become part of Moorlands Pupils' Leadership Team. They are part of the school council, contribute in assemblies and represent the pupil voice in the school. 

Values Ambassadors

As part of Moorlands Primary School's work on values, the school recognises pupils who are demonstrating the school values consistently in all aspects of school life. These pupils are chosen to represent their class and to help support other pupils. 

The school also has a Year 6 pupil who is our Nurture Leader, they have demonstrated how caring and supportive they are to other pupils.


Anti - Bullying Ambassadors

10 pupils in Year 5 and 6 have had the opportunity to be trained through the Diane Award to become Anti-bullying ambassadors for the school. These pupils are leading on making pupils aware of what bullying is and being a supportive buddy that any child can turn to if they are feeling sad, lonely or just want a person to talk to.

These pupils have already organised an assembly to talk to the school about their role and are currently planning a parent workshop. Other ideas include a colour run to raise money for Child Line.

Safeguarding Words Poetry Project - Meorhyme


Summer term 2019, the whole school took part in a Values, Virtues, Vision and Vocabulary Poetry Slam.  Classes composed, rehearsed and performed the poetry opening discussions about the values of Respect, Tolerance, Rule of Law, Democracy and Individual Liberty.  See some of the published poems from the project below.

Pupil poetry - Safeguarding a generation's vocabulary with the positive promotion of values literacy