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School Clubs

Autumn 2018

Clubs that are available this term:

Albion Foundation -  Football, Key Stage 2

Albion Foundation - Multi-sports, Key Stage 2

Choir - Years 2 to 6

Sewing - Key Stage 2

Gymnastics - Years 1 to 6

Brass lessons - Year 3 to 6

Before School Interactive sessions - Bug club, Century Tech, My Maths, Years 5 and 6 twice a week

Booster sessions for Year 6 - Comprehension, SPAG and Maths


Scrap Pack 2018 Autumn Launch

At lunch times in the Autumn Term, we are launching Scrap Pack in KS1.  This is a Sandwell initiative to promote imaginary play.  Please collect suitable items (see poster below) and donate them on 10th September.  Thank you for your support.

At Moorlands Primary School we run a variety of After School Clubs.


Autumn 2017

  • Sewing
  • Choir
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Forest School