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Language + Questioning = Communication


These three words sit at the heart of our curriculum.

Children need to have:

  • a good grasp of language
  • be able to question and reason

We achieve this by using the principles of Philosophy for Children to become: critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers; this will allow our children to become good communicators which is an essential life skill.

Reception is the foundation for building on children's learning experiences and developing the skills for becoming a life long learner. In Reception, all areas of learning are interconnected and this helps the children to develop their knowledge and skills.

In Reception our aim is to ignite the passion in children to learn and explore and to begin to develop their love of reading.


The areas of learning are:

Prime Areas:

Communication and Language

Physical development

Personal, Social and Emotional development


Specific Areas:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


At Moorlands, Reception have the opportunity to explore the natural world and their environment through using the Forest School and the Allotment areas. 

Summer Term Curriculum Overview

Spring Term Curriculum Overview

Phonics and Early Reading