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School Councillors Project

On Tuesday 27th of June four members of the school council accompanied Mrs Wells to the WS10 for a conference about the Healthy Eating project.

As part of the project we had to create a display showing how Moorlands are going to improve our attitude towards being healthy, as recommended by Harvills Hawthorn.

One of the recommendations was to have a worry box in every classroom, which the children have already started to make.

The second recommendation was to encourage more healthy snacks in KS2.

During lunchtime the children had to speak to Head Teachers from Wednesbury schools and explain about their display. The children did an amazing job discussing what they had been doing, including their visit to Harvills Hawthorn.   

Later that day the children had to decide on a project using one of the recommendations, we decided to improve the healthy eating in KS2:

The children thought we could maybe introduce a team point system for each class with a reward of extra play or equipment time for the class with the most points each day. We are trying to implement this for September.