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Moorlands Primary School Curriculum

Questioning lies at the heart of the Geography curriculum. Each lesson begins with a key question for pupils to consider, pupils use photographic evidence, texts, maps including digital maps and research to formulate their reasoning. Communication and the principles of Philosophy for Children are taught alongside the subject-specific skills.


Pupils are taught to think like a geographer as they develop their knowledge of the topics covered.


Curriculum Overview

Year 1:

Where in the UK do I live? - discovering out local area?

What is it like in Year 1 at Foula Primary School in the Shetland Islands?

What are the seasons like in the United Kingdom?


Year 2:

Where are the the world's oceans and continents?

What is like being a Y2 pupil at Bethesda Government Primary School in Tobago?

Why is it hot in the Equator and cold at the North and South Pole?

Year 3:

What is the UK’s biggest city, county, river, sea and mountain?

Why has London changed over time?(Settlement, land use, economic activity and trade)

Where does the water in the River Thames come from?


Year 4:

How many countries are there in the world?

Where would you like to live in Eastern Europe?

What is the highest mountain in Europe?


Year 5:

What are the Americas?

Would you like to live in Manhattan?

What happened when Mount St. Helens erupted?


Year 6:

How did ships navigate the earth?

Where is the coldest place on earth?

What are the key aspects of the planet’s five main vegetation belts?