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Moorlands Primary School Curriculum

Questioning lies at the heart of the Geography curriculum. Each lesson begins with a key question for pupils to consider, pupils use photographic evidence, texts, maps including digital maps and research to formulate their reasoning. Communication and the principles of Philosophy for Children are taught alongside the subject-specific skills.


Pupils are taught to think like a geographer as they develop their knowledge of the topics covered.


Curriculum Overview

Year 1:

Where in the UK do I live? - discovering out local area

Around the world - discovering places around the globe

Year 2:

How is the seaside different to where I live?

Our lives - trade, railways and canals

The Seven Wonders of the World

Year 3:

How have coasts changed?

Eco-warriors - climate

Year 4:

Amazing Americas - major cities and settlements

Active Earth

Why are rivers important?

Year 5:

Eco-warriors - journeys and migration

Greece - linking to the History topic

Year 6:

Amazing Americas - the Amazon

Eco-warriors - protecting our planet