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In Computing, pupils learn about coding, presenting information, using software to support calculation and sort data.  E-safety is considered across the curriculum and is an important discussion in Computing sessions and beyond.  Each September, all year groups start their Computing curriculum with e-safety learning and pupils and Internet Safety Day is celebrated across the school each February (for information and advice on Online Safety, please see the e-safety tab).


Pupils progress from programming Bee-Bots to more complex algorithms using Purple Mash software.  


Coming soon - Recyclobots visitors will be visiting Key Stage 2 in December 2019.

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Stem Workshops

As part of our British Science Week focus, Reception class, Year 2 and Year 5 had the opportunity to use and develop their coding skills when we were visited by Computer Xplorers.


Reception class worked with the Edison Robots to input commands to make the robots move.  They had great fun having a race with their robots as a finale to their workshop!


Year 2 completed a workshop called ‘Awesome Engineers’. They learned about what engineers do and how a set of instructions, or an algorithm, can program the robot to complete actions.


As Year five's science focus for this term was Earth and Space, they spent an afternoon building Milo the Science Rover and programming their Rovers using a block based programming language.  They further developed their Milo model by adding a motion detection sensor.


STEM Day 1
STEM Day 2
STEM Day 3
STEM Day 4